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    Who is this guy? I'll do my best to explain me. Let us start with a graphical interpretation. If I had to divide myself into a pie chart, this is what it would look like. Click on a pie to see details.

    I'm a website designer and developer living in Montana. I am the owner and lead designer/developer of Websites in a I work on my website business almost all day long, all week long. If I'm not working on building websites, you can probably find me learning more about my ever-evolving trade. I prides myself in creating quality and unique websites in a very short amount of time. I'm always working on improving my speed and quality of delivering beautiful websites.

    Since my website business keeps me attached to my computer, I trys to spend at least an hour away from my computer every day. Some of my hobbies include soccer, snowboarding, blogging, landscaping, construction and Mordheim.

  • Nerd: 26.2%

    This may be a generic descriptor for Ashton Sanders as there are many sub-classifications of nerd. There are science nerds, tech-gadget nerds, computer nerds, web nerds, D&D Nerds, and many more.

    In this case, Ashton Sanders would fall under the computer nerd and web nerd classifications. (See the Gamer section for details on the D&D nerd.)

    Computer Nerd: I love computers. I've built 5 personal computers since my first one at the age of 15.

    Web/Internet Nerd: The web industry has always provided a very fun challenge for me. From my first static HTML website in 2003 to now programming extensive web-applications from scratch, it's always been a very exciting and rewarding job.

  • Entrepreneur: 21.6%

    Ashton's parents raised him with the desire to be his own boss: teaching him the importance of providing a valuable product or service and always going the extra mile. His father was a business consultant and has helped advise him while growing up.

    Ashton and his brother had quite a few "businesses" growing up. They had a lawn care business for a couple neighbors, and a business-card printing business for some of his parent's business acquaintances and friends.

  • Designer: 20.4%

    Although Ashton never spent enough time with a pen or marker to become a great free-draw artist, he always had an eye for design. Besides his art teachers at high school, he never had any professional training in design. He spent years learning how to use Photoshop and Fireworks so he could create website designs.

  • Athlete: 17.1%

    Ashton loves games of all sorts, but sports are some of his favorites. The challenge of imporoving his skill at a sport is extremely fun. Some of his favorites sports in order of preference are: Soccer, Volleyball (Beach then Indoor) and Basketball.

  • Gamer: 14.7%

    As mentioned in Athlete above, Ashton loves games. These include board games (like Risk and Settlers of Catan) and computer games (like Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends). The challenge of becoming better at a game is one of Ashton's favorite things.

    Another favorite aspect of games is building friendships with friends. He's spent hundreds of hours playing games like Dungeons and Dragons growing up with friends.

  • entrepreneur
  • nerd
  • designer
  • gamer
  • athlete
 Gamer Designer Nerd Entrepreneur Athlete

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"... brilliant ..." - Mike

"Which is why I love working with yo"
"*you" - Ross

"Awesome!" - Evan

"Happy Birthday" - Diana